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Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte Mayor Rommel C. Arnado accepts the tasks as host of the 6th Organic Asia Congress organized by IFOAM Asia on 4-10 June 2023.

Organized by IFOAM Asia, the 6th Organic Asia Congress is the largest organic event in the world this year and it will be hosted by the Philippines in Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte in Northern Mindanao on June 4-10, 2023. The Congress will highlight the role of organic agriculture in attaining sustainable growth and development.

More than 200 foreign delegates from more than 30 countries around the world have expressed interest to take part in this year's event and hundreds of Filipino participants are also expected to participate.

The local government units across the country are the major partners of this event and for this reason, the Department of Interior and Local Government issued a memorandum circular inviting local chief executives, agriculture officers, local planning coordinators, and organic agriculture focal points to attend this international gathering.

This memorandum circular is a clear manifestation of the DILG’s full support to the Organic Agriculture Act (RA 11511).

Concerned offices and other stakeholders from all over the country are strongly encouraged to attend this international event and push for the full implementation of RA 11511 which establishes critical measures to address food security issues and contribute to sustainable development efforts.

DILG Secretary Benjamin AbalosJr. issues a memorandum circular encouraging LGU officials and personnel to participate in the 6th Organic Asia Congress hosted by the Philippines in Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte on 4-10 June 2023.

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The Societal Three-folding Leadership and Organic Governance is a 20-day live-in experiential-based Capacity Development Training (CDT) for the formulation of Asset Base Municipality/city-wide Investment Master Plan (SLOG-ABSOA-MIMP), to be participated in by member Municipal/City Agriculturists and Planning Development Coordinators. This is part of the quarterly formal CDT to start in June 2023.

IFOAM Asia and LOAMCP-PH will formally Sign a Memorandum of Agreement and launch the LOAMCP-PH Leadership and Organic Agriculture Development Academy as ALGOA Center of Organic Governance during the 6th Organic Agriculture Congress in June 2023.

The first SLOG-ABSOA-MIMP CDT is scheduled on June 1-20, 2023 with international key resource persons including Nicky Perlas, Dr. ZZ, Dr. Andrei Leu of Regeneration International (RI), Mathew John, among others. LOAD Academy is going to serve members of IFOAM Asia including the Organic Young Global Network (OYGN)/IFOAM Asia Youth Organic Forum. The LOAD Academy and ALGOA Flag will eventually be with LOAMCP Philippines Governance structure in the Organic Complex Hub in Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte, Philippines.

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The Municipality of Sibagat hosted the 2023 Organic Congress at the Sibagat Center for Culture and Arts. The event was aimed to establish Organic Agriculture as the norm rather than the alternative in this part of the Caraga region.

Hope echoed around the community when hundreds of participants came to rally with the farmers and local officials. Vice Mayor Maria Liza L. Evangelista, Co-chair of the banner program, considered the event as a breakthrough as neighboring municipalities, advocates, and relevant partners. More and more townsfolk and community stakeholders are becoming involved in taking action on sustainable development through this advocacy.

As a springboard for sustainable promotion, Sibagat puts the trust not just to the farmers, but to every citizen including the youth population who are endlessly recognized and encouraged to take part in local governance. This is Sibagat’s competitive advantage considering the increasing number of youth campaigners.

In time of crisis, Sibagat leaders believe that every little step contribute to a greater chance of healing the native soil. And with local innovations within grassroots communities, links are strengthened making support programs visible.

With public support and cooperation, the municipality clearly accepts the challenge and looks forward to effective results in the future.

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