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Societal Three-folding Leadership and Organic Governance

The Societal Three-folding Leadership and Organic Governance is a 20-day live-in experiential-based Capacity Development Training (CDT) for the formulation of Asset Base Municipality/city-wide Investment Master Plan (SLOG-ABSOA-MIMP), to be participated in by member Municipal/City Agriculturists and Planning Development Coordinators. This is part of the quarterly formal CDT to start in June 2023.

IFOAM Asia and LOAMCP-PH will formally Sign a Memorandum of Agreement and launch the LOAMCP-PH Leadership and Organic Agriculture Development Academy as ALGOA Center of Organic Governance during the 6th Organic Agriculture Congress in June 2023.

The first SLOG-ABSOA-MIMP CDT is scheduled on June 1-20, 2023 with international key resource persons including Nicky Perlas, Dr. ZZ, Dr. Andrei Leu of Regeneration International (RI), Mathew John, among others. LOAD Academy is going to serve members of IFOAM Asia including the Organic Young Global Network (OYGN)/IFOAM Asia Youth Organic Forum. The LOAD Academy and ALGOA Flag will eventually be with LOAMCP Philippines Governance structure in the Organic Complex Hub in Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte, Philippines.

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